Let us help you start up your business


Starting up in business can be a stressful time in your life. In a way it is a step into the unknown and it is bad enough having to think about where your sales will come from, without having to worry about your accounts and taxation. It can be a minefield.

Let Hayton Accountancy take the strain. We will guide you through the form-filling, but more than that we can act as a sounding board for those important commercial decisions which you will make in the early months. We can assist in preparing business plans that might be required by banks or other financers. Of course we can not run your business for you, only you can do that, but we will be there to help you weigh up the alternative courses of action which you will face.

We recognise that you do not want to have to worry about whether the "clock is running" when you contact us for advice. Hayton Accountancy understands that this will always happen in the early months of a business and so we do not make additional charges, over what is agreed at the outset with you. If we invest our time in your business, we trust that you will see that you can build a long term business relationship with us.