Crystal ball gazing on the future of tax legislation is not a good idea. Even when the Chancellor makes announcements, often "the devil is in the detail" and occasionally what is planned by the Government does not end up as law. However, here are some indicators of what is likely to happen:

  • Freeze of tax allowances 
  • Reduced Capital Gains Tax allowances, from current level of £6,000 pa
  • 0% dividend allowance reducing from current level of £1,000 pa
  • Inheritance Tax allowances frozen

We would be happy to discuss tax planning issues with you at any time, not just when we come to prepare your annual accounts. Please get in touch, remembering that all our clients' fees include non-chargeable ad hoc advice up to a certain degree and we will let you know if any extra fees would be chargeable.

Just keep in mind that we do not have access to a crystal ball.